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The Aberdeen City and Shire Film Office covers 2,434 square miles of the most dramatic, unspoiled and diverse natural landscape in Europe. We have the second tallest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Macdhui, 1,309 metres / 4,295 feet.

There are 133 miles of coastline ranging from flat sandy beaches to wild, rugged sea-cliffs and caves.

Add to this guaranteed natural snow; gritty urban streetscapes and Europe’s largest fishing ports – Peterhead for white fish and Fraserburgh for shellfish.

Fettercairn - location for shooting period drama 'Sunset Song'

Fettercairn – location for shooting period drama ‘Sunset Song’

There are complete Georgian villages and factories; Victorian railway stations, town halls and hospitals; tiny 17th-century harbours; 9,000-plus archaeological sites; and more habitable castles per acre than any other part of the UK including Balmoral, summer home of the British royal family.

We think you’ll soon agree that the Northeast of Scotland is a one-stop shop for location shooting at any budgetary level.

Our service is confidential, fast, and free. ‘Come away in’ and see how we can add value to your production.

An extraordinary place for period filming

Visually, our agricultural areas and rural roads have largely retained the look of Scotland in the 1930s-’50s. In fact, Sunset Song has been filmed here twice in our agricultural landscape.

Leading architectural critic Sir John Betjeman called Banff one of the best-preserved 18th-century townscapes in Britain, while the town hall of its near rival, Old Aberdeen, was used as the logo of the Scottish Georgian Society.  Some Georgian factories are still in use as such.

Image Courtesy Aberdeenshire Council

Image Courtesy Aberdeenshire Council

Some of our 17th-century fishing harbours, meanwhile, look more like the early New England of the Moby-Dick period than anything left in New England itself today.

The days with no night

Aberdeenshire is on the same latitude as Moscow; this means that it never gets completely dark in the days around the Summer Solstice (21-22 June) Our deserted streets at 4.30AM could easily play for noon in your zombie apocalypse or ‘last man on earth’ scenario.

As promised in Bill Forsyth’s classic 1983 film Local Hero, the Northern Lights are also regularly seen.

Period and doubled locations

We have stood in for 1812 Russia, 16th-century Denmark, the Africa of 80,000 B.C., modern Uzbekistan, alien planets, and alternative versions of the British present – not to mention Scotland itself in almost every decade from 1700 onward.

Our diverse environment

This has made us a prime destination for an incredible array of sports, from winter climbing and skiing to road-racing and kite-surfing. Our salmon rivers are the cleanest and clearest in the UK.

We are home to remarkable futuristic industrial installations, thanks to the headquartering of the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry here since 1975,

And, of course…

Top-notch rail, road, air and sea links.